Sales Developer

Job description

Do you know how to turn a 50 billion euro cloud market in a killer sales portfolio? Are you passionate about B2B sales that provides proven cost reductions for your customers and saves tons of CO2 at the same time? Then join the Nerdalize Sales Team and help us become a major player in the cloud market!


The international B2B public cloud market is growing rapidly, growing over 20% in 2018.  In this market Nerdalize is a young and disruptive player, with a unique, competitive and proven value proposition:

  • Affordable: 40% proven cost advantage to other cloud providers

  • Social: provide hot water to homes with your compute jobs

  • Sustainable: proven CO2 impact

You will take this offer to enterprises and (semi) public institutions to help them cut their cloud spend, growing and developing Nerdalize revenue streams in the meantime. From generating leads to closing the deal and following up for long-term customer success: you are responsible for the complete funnel. This also means that you track every step to optimize the funnel where you can, structuring the sales process along the way. Based on data from the sales cycle, you will manage and forecast revenue streams and look for new opportunities and partnerships.


Of course, you won’t be alone in this. You will be part of our joint Sales & Software Team, working together with sales representatives and software developers alike. Everyone on the team is involved in our product roadmaps and works together to give our users and customers a great experience. Together you set team milestones and run bi-weekly sprints, incorporating both technical feasibility of features and customer needs. Within this team you will also support your junior colleagues in achieving their targets and grow to build and lead your own team of sales representatives.


You are

  • A closer: Alec Baldwin’s got nothing on you. Always Be Closing is the name of your game and you perform best when the heat is on.

  • Self-aware: you realise that you are part of the product you’re selling and representing the company at all times.

  • A team player: you flourish when you can work together with others, from brainstorming and co-creating to helping your team members with their deals.

  • Self-starting: you identify and pick up sales opportunities independently, incorporate them in sales strategy, and start executing.

  • Learning oriented: everything is a learning opportunity for you, whether it's doing something new, failing hard, or getting feedback from a team member.

  • Analytic: you identify opportunities for optimization and improvement quickly and like to roll up your sleeves to make it happen.

  • Structured: You document every lead and have a complete overview of the sales funnel and its conversion metrics.

  • Responsible: You can work autonomously to reach your personal goals.

You can

  • Communicate effortlessly in both Dutch and English

  • Discover customer wants and needs by listening and asking the right questions

  • Chase without being pushy, negotiate without losing sight of the end goal, and prioritize which deals you spend time on

  • Keep track of a quickly growing, and fast moving market

  • Set sales goals and attain targets

  • Talk tech and IT or pick it up easily

You have

  • Built (IT) B2B sales portfolios

  • A proven track record of closing deals of >250K euro

  • A large network, preferably in IT

  • Convinced complete DMUs with a sales proposition

  • Preferably, experience with setting up partnerships (e.g. resellers)

Rules we live by

  • We are honest, when things go right AND wrong.

  • We are productive. We focus on the solution, not the problem.

  • We are moral. When in doubt, we do the right thing.

  • We are proactive. We share, discuss and start doing.

  • We are social and always start with trust.

  • We are empathic. We take the customer's perspective, and we listen.

  • We are human. We take care of our body, mind, and loved ones.