Senior Infrastructure Engineer

Job description

As our new Senior Infrastructure Engineer you’ll lead and organize a (growing) team of 4 infrastructure engineers that designs, builds and operates the Nerdalize Cloud systems that together form our distributed datacenter*. These systems include our Fiber-to-the-Home network, data storage, Kubernetes clusters, virtual machines, reliability monitoring system and more.


You’ll closely cooperate with other teams like:

  • Together with the founders and our senior system architects you’ll determine strategic technology choices that will shape the future of Nerdalize

  • Product Development - which builds our cloud products. You’ll help design the architecture of our tech stack.

  • Hardware R&D - which designs and builds our super efficient server-heating systems: the Nerdalize CloudBox*. You’ll help design the control, monitoring and security systems for the CloudBox.

  • Operations - which is responsible for the physical production and rollout of the CloudBox*. You’ll help expand our FttH network and monitor the CloudBox performance in the field.


*Distributed datacenter? Say what?! Yes, at Nerdalize we're dead serious about building the cloud one house at the time. By placing our servers in homes instead of in a datacenter, we can efficiently reuse the excess heat to heat up tap water. Check out this video to learn more. Or just fiddle about with our cloud platform yourself!


Skills & experience you'll be adding to the team


  • you have led a team (3-10 people) of highly and diversely skilled nerds
  • you have demonstrated experience operating large, complicated, highly available computing systems
  • you have experience with and understanding of any or all of the following:

    • information security

    • server hardware

    • large scale storage systems

    • large scale computer networks (fiber, IPv4, IPv6)

    • virtual machines (CloudStack/VMWare or others)

    • containerization technologies (Docker, Kubernetes)

You rock at

  • Taking initiative. Go in head first and come up with new plans.

  • Keeping an open mind. A new perspective, failing miserably? It's all a learning experience for you. 

  • Working together with others is deeply engrained in your DNA. Getting away from your screen from time to time keeps you happy and productive.

  • Providing direction to your team and advising other teams or founders on the way forward regarding the Nerdalize infrastructure

  • Motivating your team, help them in their development as highly skilled professionals and with personal growth.